High Strength Concrete by Michael Caldarone
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High Strength Concrete by Michael Caldarone

High-Strength Concrete A Practice Guide by Michael A. Caldarone | PDF Free Download.

Preface to High Strength Concrete PDF

My purpose for writing this book is principally to provide those who specify, produce, test, and construct with high-strength concrete practical guidance about a material that continues to be viewed as mysterious, exotic, and to some degree, even experimental.

My hope is that this book will also aid the reader in understanding the fundamental mechanics of how structural concrete in general, not just high-strength concrete, works.

High-strength concrete is not a new material. The availability of commercially produced high-strength concrete can be traced back to the late 1950s.

In many markets worldwide, the commercial availability of concretes capable of developing compressive strength three to five times greater than typical conventional concrete is well established.

In other markets, high-strength concrete is still considered novel.

As all new technologies are born in the research laboratory, intellectual concentrations naturally shift from primarily academic interest to practical and economic applicability.

While the academic community continues to research and publish ways in which to expand the feasible boundaries of new materials and design methodologies, a shift from theoretical feasibility to practical applicability occurs. 

Once the transition from research laboratory to real world takes place, the amount of information published about the technology, and its practical applications, decreases.

Although the topic of this book is high-strength concrete, it does not define high strength by any single numerical value.

My preference is to define high strength relative to what might be considered as normal or conventional strength in the geographic location it is being produced.

Even though high-strength concrete usually accounts for no more than a very small fraction of all of the concrete used in modern construction,

my personal appreciation for this material is not limited to the ability of making it in and of itself, but more so, the practical knowledge gained that is applicable to conventional concrete also.

So even though the primary subject of this book is high-strength concrete, it should come as no surprise to the reader that it also contains information dealing with conventional concrete.

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