Corrosion of Steel in Concrete 2nd Edition by Broomfield
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Corrosion of Steel in Concrete 2nd Edition by Broomfield

Corrosion of Steel in Concrete Second Edition by John P. Broomfield | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

This second edition provides information on corrosion of steel in concrete in atmospherically exposed concrete structures with some additional information on early 20th century steel framed stone and brick buildings.

The sections on corrosion theory, corrosion monitoring, galvanic cathodic protection and other areas have been introduced or expanded to reflect the changes of the past decade since the first edition.

The increasing number of relevant national and international standards is also reflected in the text.

The book provides a guide for those responsible for buildings and other reinforced concrete structures as they are engaged to design, construct, maintain and repair them.

It reviews the present state of knowledge of corrosion of steel in concrete from the theory through to site investigations and then remedying the problem.

There is also a section on building more corrosion resistant structures.

The aim of the book is to educate and guide engineers, surveyors and owners of structures so that they will have a clear idea of the problem and will know where to go to start finding solutions.

No single book can be a complete course in any subject and there is no substitute for personal ‘hands on’ experience.

There are many experienced engineers and corrosion experts who deal with these problems on a day-to-day basis.

The reader is recommended to seek expert advice when dealing with subjects that are new to him. However, the aim of being an ‘informed client’ is to be recommended and this book should help in that respect.

It is also essential that students of civil engineering, building sciences and architecture understand the problems they will face as they start to practice their skills.

We need more engineers, materials scientists, building surveyors and architects who are trained to look at wider durability issues in these days of sustainable development and conservation of resources.

It is impossible in one book to be totally comprehensive. Consequently some subjects such as cement chemistry and concrete admixtures have not been covered in much detail.

They are better covered in other specialist texts. This book concentrates on the corrosion of steel in its cementitious environment and how it is dealt with in methods that are sometimes unique to the corrosion engineering field rather than the civil or building engineering field.

It is difficult to know where to start and end with acknowledgements. I started my career after finishing University at the Central Electricity Research Laboratory, working in one of the largest groups of corrosion scientists in the UK and Europe.

Sadly that group is dispersed with the privatisation of the Central Electricity Generating Board. I learned the basics of corrosion from Mike Manning, Jonathan Forrest and Ed Metcalfe and many others at CERL.

I then joined Taywood Engineering and enjoyed carrying out some of the first trials of impressed current cathodic protection on reinforced concrete structures above ground in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

I learned enormous amounts about deterioration of reinforced concrete structures, civil engineering and contracting from Roger Browne,

Roger Blundell, Roger McAnoy, Phil Bamforth and a powerful team of engineers and scientists who were all at the forefront of concrete technology. I continue to have good relations and helpful exchanges with the Taywood team.

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