Strengthening of Concrete Structures Using Fiber Reinforced Polymers
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Strengthening of Concrete Structures Using Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Strengthening of Concrete Structures Using Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) Design, Construction and Practical Applications by Hwai-Chung Wu and Christopher D. Eamon | PDF Free Download.

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Wayne State University, Michigan, United States of America

Contents of Strengthening of Concrete Structures PDF Book


  • FRP strengthening systems 
  • Composite interfacial debonding 
  • FRP design standards and guides 
  • Designing with FRP reinforcement 
  • Numerical modeling 
  • Installation of EB FRP systems

Fiber-reinforced polymer composites

  • FRP constituents 
  • Composite interfacial adhesion and debonding 
  • FRP durability

Composite mechanics

  • Laminate 
  • Textile fabric 
  • Durability and failure modes 
  • Finite Element Analysis

Design provisions

  • Flexural FRP strengthening of RC/PC bridge members 
  • Shear FRP strengthening of RC/PC bridge members 
  • FRP-confinement strengthening of RC/PC bridge members 
  • Witness panels

Provisions for installation, quality control, and maintenance

  • Installation of FRP strengthening systems 
  • Inspection, evaluation, and acceptance 
  • Maintenance and repair

Laboratory testing

  • Durability testing overview 
  • Bond durability 
  • FRP durability

Field testing

  • Field pull-off testing 
  • Load distribution testing 
  • Proof load testing


  • Analysis and design recommendations 
  • Installation, quality control, and maintenance recommendations

Preface to Strengthening of Concrete Structures PDF Book

This book presents guidelines for the strengthening of concrete structures using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites.

This text briefly covers the basic concepts of FRP materials and composite mechanics while focusing on practical design and construction issues, including inspection and quality control.

Special attention is given to the different approaches and recommendations found in a selection of international FRP design standards.

Rather than a theoretical text, this book attempts to address concerns of the practitioner, and the authors hope that it will be found valuable in that regard.

If judged by the proliferation of journal articles in recent years, there is considerable interest in the engineering application of FRP.

One of the fastest growing applications is the use of FRP composite sheets for strengthening deficient concrete structures, and in particular, bridges.

Some of the main driving forces are the ease of installation and rapid repairs that can be made using FRP sheets in comparison to conventional rehabilitation techniques using concrete or steel jackets.

Consequently, total project costs can be very competitive, despite the high initial material cost of FRP. At present, several FRP strengthening design guides from the United States, Europe, and other locations are available.

These guidelines are often inconsistent and, individually, do not adequately cover all important design, construction, and inspection issues to a desirable level of detail.

Consequently, this book first provides a review and comparison of the provisions found in a selection of these existing guidelines, and then suggests design, installation, inspection, quality control, and maintenance activities for best practice.

By doing so, this text aims to fill a significant gap in the available strengthening guides and might serve as a resource for engineers, architects, academics, and students interested in FRP materials and their structural applications.

The authors wish to acknowledge the work of Sasan Siavashi, Abdel Aziz Makkay, and Abdulkareem Kuaryouti, who spent many hours collecting information from existing guidelines as well as prepared numerous figures and tables.

We are also grateful to Gwen Jones of Woodhead/Elsevier. Her support and encouragement has made this book possible.

Finally, we wish to thank our wives, Shiow-Hwa Gau (HCW) and Marie Chris Eamon (CDE). The completion of this text would not be possible without their love, patience, and understanding.

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