Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures
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Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures

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The Authors of Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures Book

John. P. Forth and Andrew. J. Martin are the editors of Third Edition of "Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures" eBook.

Main Contents of Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures eBook

- Chapter 1. Introduction.

- Chapter 2. Basis of design and materials.

- Chapter 3. Design of reinforced concrete.

- Chapter 4. Design of prestressed concrete.

- Chapter 5. Distribution reinforcement and joints: Design for thermal stresses and shrinkage in restrained panels.

- Chapter 6. Design calculations.

- Chapter 7. Testing and rectification.

- Chapter 8. Vapour exclusion.

Preface to Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures PDF Book

In 2010, a new suite of design codes was introduced into the UK. As such, the British Standard Codes of Practice 8110 Structural Use of Concrete and 8007 Design of Concrete Structures for Retaining Aqueous

Liquids were replaced by Eurocode 2 (BS EN 1992-1-1) and Eurocode 2 Part 3 (BS EN 1992–3), respectively, both with accompanying UK specific National Application Documents.

The guidance provided by these new codes is quoted as being much more theoretical in its nature and is therefore fundamentally different to the traditional step-by-step guidance that has been offered for many years in the UK by the British Standards.

The approach of these new replacement codes is therefore a step change in design guidance, requiring much more interpretation. The third edition of this book, whilst adopting a similar structure to the first two editions, has attempted to reflect this more theoretical approach.

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The new codes represented an opportunity to improve the guidance, based on a greater depth of research and practical experience gained over the last two decades.

Unfortunately, the improvements are not as extensive as would have been hoped, partly because much research to corroborate some of the proposed new theory is still ongoing.

In order to accommodate this position, the book offers an insight into some of the remaining shortcomings of the code and the potential improvements to the efficiency of design and possible innovations that are possible and which can hopefully be included in the planned revision of the codes in 2020.

Acknowledgements for Design of Liquid Retaining Concrete Structures PDF Book

I met Andrew Beeby for the first time in 1997; later, in 1999 the opportunity arose for me to join the Structures Group at the University of Leeds; I took up the position because Andrew was the head of that group.

I have always felt privileged to have been able to call Andrew my mentor, a role which continued even after he retired; at which point in time I could more accurately and proudly call him my friend.

I have never known anyone more insightful. His passing in 2011 was an extremely sad time. He was a true gentleman, possessing rare qualities; I give my thanks for his guidance, knowledge, motivation and friendship.

I would also like to thank all the engineers and researchers who have contributed to the better understanding of this fascinating topic of water retaining structures, past and present.

JPF, Leeds

Structural engineering is a fascinating subject and I acknowledge with grateful thanks all those who have influenced my education, training and development as an engineer throughout my career.

I am grateful to Matt Kirby for permission to use the photograph reproduced in Figure 1.2. My contribution to this book is dedicated to my family and especially to my father Geoffrey H. Martin (1929–2013).

AJM, Copenhagen

We are both very grateful to Bob Anchor for this opportunity to produce the third edition of his book. His contribution to the design of water retaining structures is now into its fifth decade – an outstanding achievement.

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