Concrete Technology
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Concrete Technology

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Concrete Technology Contents

  • General
  • Cement
  • Aggregate
  • Water And Admixture
  • Production Of Concrete
  • Mix Design
  • Durability Of Concrete
  • High-Performance Concrete

Foreword to Concrete Technology PDF

Concrete has become the most popular construction material. Even common people have started using concrete in a big way. Its popularity and ease with which it can be prepared, has led to many innovations in the field of concrete.

Now the words ‘ High-Performance Concrete’, ‘Ready Mix Concrete’, ‘Self Compacting  Concrete’ is commonly heard not only among the civil engineering community but common people also.

With so much awareness about concrete all around, there is a need that civil engineers should be more aware and informed about concrete technology.

They should keep themselves abreast of the latest developments, new technological advances, and future prospects.

This book is an effort in this direction, in which the latest developments have been described in addition to the basic concrete technology. 

This book will be quite handy for the officers engaged in concrete works and others in general too. Though a large number of books on this subject are available in the market, yet what makes this book stand out is that it has been written in a concise manner for better assimilation.

I hope this book written by Shri Ghansham Bansal, Professor (Bridges) of this Institute will be very useful for the Railway officers.

Although every effort has been made to present the book in an error-free manner, yet if there is any suggestion or discrepancy, kindly do write to us.


With the invention of cement, there has been a revolution in the field of construction.  The popularity graph of this material is ever rising since then.

Concrete has traveled a long path and reached a stage where it is not sufficient to call it only concrete, but has to be mentioned with some of the other characteristics like ‘High Performance’, ‘Ready Mix’ or ‘Self Compacting’, etc.

With so much development all around,  the engineers can’t afford to be ignorant of the latest developments in the field of concrete.

With this intention in mind, this book was conceived which should not only give the basic knowledge about concrete but also should incorporate the latest technological advancements in this area. An effort has been made to make this book crisp and concise so as not to be read like a textbook.

I am thankful to Shri Shiv Kumar, Director/IRICEN  for constant inspiration and for his valuable guidance.

I am thankful to Shri Ganesh Srinivasan, PS for prompt and accurate typing work, Shri Sunil Pophale, SE/Drg. for drawing neat figures. I am also thankful to my family members for their support and encouragement.

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