The Engineers Cost Handbook Tools for Managing Project Costs
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The Engineers Cost Handbook Tools for Managing Project Costs

The Engineer's Cost Handbook Tools for Managing Project Costs by Richard E. Westney | PDF Free Download

Preface to The Engineers Cost Handbook

All engineers work with variables. The mechanical engineer’s variables may involve dynamics; the electrical engineer’s, power; or the civil engineer’s, loads.

Yet there's one variable that affects every engineer’s work, a variable so powerful that, if it's not analyzed properly, no engineering project can succeed.

it's the variable that, today quite ever, governs the work that each one engineers do. That variable, of course, is cost. Cost determines which projects will plow ahead .

Once a project is approved, costs often determine the planning approach to be used. And once the project is completed and operations begin, costs determine whether it'll be a hit .

Successful engineers today understand that technical work is simply a part of a cost-driven business process. In most companies,

the successful project isn't necessarily the one that has the foremost sophisticated design-more likely it's the one that creates the foremost money.

Modern engineers know that a project that was a technical success are going to be judged a business failure if costs aren't analyzed and controlled.

the aim of The Engineerk Cost Handbook is to enable engineers to figure with cost with an equivalent confidence, competence, and skill that they will apply to the other variable.

Costs are often studied, analyzed, and optimized like all other engineering variable, in order that they are something with which an engineer can feel comfortable like most engineering applications, cost engineering may be a disciplined process.

This handbook is organized into three parts that track the natural flow of a project through cost estimating, economic evaluation, and price control.

Each chapter is written by a price engineer with top credentials who has distilled his experience into guidelines that are easy to select up and use.