Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways
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Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways

Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways 2013 Edition | PFD Free Download.

Highways and Railways Contents

  • Chapter 1 General 
  • Chapter 2 Reliability Management 
  • Chapter 3 Actions 
  • Chapter 4 Design For Earthquake Resistance 
  • Chapter 5 Design Of Concrete Bridges 
  • Chapter 6 Design Of Steel Bridges 
  • Chapter 7 Design Of Composite Bridges 
  • Chapter 8 Bearings 
  • Chapter 9 Movement Joints 
  • Chapter 10 Foundations And Substructures 
  • Chapter 11 Parapets
  • Chapter 12 Footbridges And Subways
  • Chapter 13 Headroom 
  • Chapter 14 Stormwater Drainage
  • Chapter 15 Aesthetics 
  • Chapter 16 Operational Considerations

Foreword to Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways

The Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways provides guidance and sets standards for the design of highway and railway structures in Hong Kong.

It has been widely used by practitioners as a reference for local highway and railway structural works since its first publication in August 1993, with second and third editions released in November 1997 and August 2006.

In this 2013 edition, the Manual has been revised for migration from British structural design standards to Eurocodes. Minor amendments taking into account experience gained and feedback received on the previous editions are also included.

Eurocodes are the suites of European Standards covering the structural design of civil engineering structures, including highway structures.

In March 2010, British structural design standards, including BS 5400 which the previous editions of this Manual drew heavily on for requirements, were withdrawn.

In anticipation of this, studies were carried out on the adoption of Eurocodes and the associated UK National Annexes for the design of highway structures in Hong Kong.

Design approaches, requirements, and parameters in Eurocodes considered not suitable for application in Hong Kong have been modified to suit local conditions, material properties, and specifications for civil engineering works, and incorporated into this Manual.

This Manual is a guidance document and its recommendations should not be considered as exhaustive.

A situation may arise for which considerations and requirements are not fully covered by this Manual. We welcome any comments on this Manual for further improvements.

The Bridges and Structures Division of the Highways Department will regularly review and improve on the content of this Manual so that all design standards and guidance will be in line with the most up-to-date practice.

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