Wood in Civil Engineering by Giovanna Concu
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Wood in Civil Engineering by Giovanna Concu


- Chapter 1: Grading of Low-Quality Wood for Use in Structural Elements by Trulli Nicoletta, Monica Valdés, Barbara De Nicolo and Massimo Fragiacomo.

- Chapter 2: Wood Thermal Properties by Richard Hrčka and Marián Babiak.

- Chapter 3: A Finite Element Method Model for Large Strains Analysis of Timber by Vincenzo De Luca.

- Chapter 4: Flame-Retardant Systems Based on Alkoxysilanes for Wood Protection by Carlos A. Giudice and Guadalupe Canosa.

- Chapter 5: Wood-Boring Insect Control in Constructions by High Temperature and Microwaves by Adam Krajewski.

- Chapter 6: Exterior Wood Coatings by Mojgan Nejad and Paul Cooper.

- Chapter 7: Wooden Reinforcement for Earth Constructions in the Castile Area of Spain by Q. Angulo Ibáñez.

- Chapter 8: Wood-Reinforced Polymer Composites by Anil Akdogan and Ali Serdar Vanli.

- Chapter 9: Ductile Behavior of Timber Structures under Strong Dynamic Loads by Maria Cristina Porcu.

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- Chapter 10: Traditional Wooden Buildings in China by Ze-li Que, Zhe-rui Li, Xiao-lan Zhang, Zi-ye Yuan and Biao Pan.

- Chapter 11: Experimental Analyses and Numerical Models of CLT Shear Walls under Cyclic Loading by Valeria Awad, Linda Giresini, Mikio Koshihara, Mario Lucio Puppio and Mauro Sassu.


Wood is a natural building material: if used in building elements, it can play structural, functional and aesthetic roles at the same time. The use of wood in buildings, which goes back to the oldest of times, is now experiencing a period of strong expansion in virtue of the sustainable dimension of wood buildings from the environmental, economic and social standpoints. However, its use as an engineering material calls for constant development of theoretical and experimental research to respond properly to the issues involved in this. In the single chapters written by experts in different fields, the book aims to contribute to knowledge in the application of wood in the building industry.

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