Kitchen Remodeling from the Editors of FineHomebuilding
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Kitchen Remodeling from the Editors of FineHomebuilding


The editors of Fine Homebuilding have a long-standing and heated breakroom debate about which kitchen countertop material is best. In the spirit of a good argument, and one that has lasted years, I have probably made a case for all of the common countertop materials at one point or another.

I like the aesthetics of wood and concrete. I can make these types of counters myself and even add custom elements like a drain board to personalize my kitchen. Soapstone has a rustic, natural appeal and can also be worked with the common tools that I already own.

Laminate is certainly cost-effective; if I use this material, I can also upgrade my appliances. But the fact is, I have never seen a granite countertop that looked old or worn. Though it’s expensive, you can spill wine or place a hot pot on a polished granite top and not worry about the consequences.

But before I was able to rest my argument on granite, our newest editor pointed out that this kind of durability might be irrelevant, because most kitchens are remodeled every 10 to 15 years. And so, the debate goes on.

This, however is not a book about countertops, it is about kitchen remodeling. Countertops are only one of the many materials that you will have to choose if you decide to remodel your kitchen. They’re important and expensive, so you must choose wisely, but you won’t have years to consider your options.

You’ll need to get on to choosing other things like cabinets, flooring, lighting, fixtures, and appliances. You’ll need to resolve these decisions with your floor plan, your storage strategies, and your budget. And, ultimately, you’ll have to get out the prybars and safety glasses, demo your old kitchen, and build your new one. This book is about getting it done.

That’s our mission at Fine Homebuilding: to help our readers design, build, and remodel their homes, making smart decisions along the way. Whether you’ll be doing the work yourself or hiring professionals, this book will allow you to feel confident that the results will be everything you want your kitchen to be.

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