Geology for Civil Engineers by McLean and Gribble
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Geology for Civil Engineers by McLean and Gribble

Geology for Civil Engineers Second Edition by A. C. McLean and C. D. Gribble | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Geology for Civil Engineers PDF

Adam McLean and I were asked by Roger Jones of Allen & Unwin to consider producing a second edition of our Geology for Civil Engineers book after the first edition had been published for a few years.

Critical appraisals of the first edition were sought, and I am most grateful to Professor Van Dine and Dr Drummond for their many detailed and helpful comments.

I should also particularly like to thank Dr Bill French, who pointed out where corrections were required and also where additions (and subtractions) to the text could gainfully be made without changing the original flavour of our Geology for Civil Engineers book.

I have incorporated most of these helpful suggestions and hope that the text has been improved, but any mistakes and inaccuracies are mine.

At the beginning of the revision Adam McLean became ill, and the illness got progressively worse until, in March 1983, he died.

In memory of all the enjoyment we had with the first edition, I should like to dedicate the second edition to Adam with my respect.

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