Earthquake Engineering Application to Design by Charles K. Erdey
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Earthquake Engineering Application to Design by Charles K. Erdey


The primary motivation for writing this book is the causes of structural failures—what went wrong—during the earthquakes that hit the western states in the last decades. In view of the relatively large number of steel moment-resisting frames damaged during the Northridge earthquake, the book expands on the evaluation and performance of structures of this type.

The pre- and post-Northridge experimental research and new design strategies to improve moment connections for new buildings are also discussed, keeping in mind basic building code concepts to demonstrate the application of general strength-level load combinations. Topics relevant to seismic design in other areas of engineering, such as concrete, masonry, and wood-framed buildings, are also included.

An attempt has been made to maintain a practical approach. In lieu of problem-solving, single design issues, the book walks the reader through step-by-step design of actual projects in moderate-to-high seismicity areas in compliance with building regulations. Chapter 12 introduces a new method of dynamic analysis and discusses the causes of joint failure in steel design.

Subjects like matrices, differential equations, numerical analysis, and engineering applications are presented for completeness and ready reference for the reader. It is hoped that the book will help practicing engineers not yet fully familiar with seismic design and graduating students to use the building codes in their seismic design practice.


The author gratefully acknowledges the comments and suggestions of Tom King, professor of mathematics, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and John G. Shipp, S.E., senior member of SEAOC, for their suggestions, and to Victor F. Sanchez, P.E., for his valuable comments. Thanks are also due to Ernest Pappas, former plan examiner, Mohave County, for his contribution on some topics, Alex Zupanski, CSULB graduate student for facilitating the inputting of the author’s mathematical formulas into the computer, and to Alice H. Zwiller for assisting with proofreading.

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