Cost Estimating Guide for Road Construction
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Cost Estimating Guide for Road Construction


The contract time must include an estimate of the winter shutdown time. If the midpoint of construction is computed, it should be based on the midpoint of work or the midpoint of estimated cash flow, not the midpoint of contract time.

 Public Works & Timber Sale Estimates. 

All engineer's estimates for road construction, with the exception of allowances for quality control, are to be prepared as if construction is to be accomplished by a public works contract. Quality control policy for timber sales may change after Guide is published.

 Davis-Bacon (D-B) /Purchaser Wage Rate Adjustments:

 To arrive at Specified Road Construction Cost, the engineer's cost estimate shall be adjusted by the estimated cost difference between the applicable Davis-Bacon wage rates and the local prevailing wage rates using the appropriate labor factor given for the labor percentages shown for each work item. These adjustments are mandatory and will be used for all timber sale contracts having specified road construction. Note that some work items are not normally performed by a Timber Sale Purchaser but are subcontracted. No reduction should be made for these items, if the subcontractor is likely to pay Davis-Bacon wage rates. Reductions will be made for those situations where it is unlikely that D-B wages are paid. Refer to FSH 7709.56-7.54 (Preconstruction Handbook) for more information, and refer to Labor Rates in back of this Guide for Davis-Bacon (D-B) wage information. An example of this may be dust palliative treatments. For additional information, see section entitled Davis-Bacon/ Purchaser Wage Rate Adjustments.

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