Construction Calculations Manual Sidney M. Levy
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Construction Calculations Manual Sidney M. Levy


Construction Calculations provides the construction, engineering, and
project owner community with a single source guide for many of the formulas and
conversion factors that are frequently encountered during the design and
construction phase of a project. The geometry and trigonometry lessons learned
years ago sometimes need refreshing. Construction Calculations provides a
refresher course on some of the formulas and concepts that tend to crop up from
time to time. A book divided into sections devoted to most of the common
components of construction makes it easier to determine how to achieve a Sound
Transmission Coefficient (STC) rating of 50, for example, or how to equate the
amperage capacity of copper and aluminum cable of the same wire size. A detailed
index preceding each section makes it easy to locate the answer to one’s
question or at least points the way to its solution. This one-source volume can
prove invaluable for office- or field-based designers and contractors and will
come in handy at project and design development meetings as well as provide
assistance in specifying and purchasing materials and equipment. I have
selected material that in my 40-some years in the construction business appears
relevant to the many situations where answers to questions are required, and
required “yesterday.” I hope you will find Construction Calculations a worthy
addition to your professional library

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