Civil Engineering and Roadwork
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Civil Engineering and Roadwork


“Employees’ association”: a professional union representing construction employees or any group of construction employees, whether constituted or not as a corporation, a union, a federation or confederation of such unions or groups, a trades council, a provincial trades council or a federation of such councils, the purpose of which is the study, defence and development of the economic, social and educational interests of its members and which has jurisdiction throughout Quebec in respect of all construction trades and jobs. “Representative association”: an association to which the Commission has issued a certificate in accordance with Section 34 of the Act. “Majority representative association”: for the purpose of this collective agreement, the CSD Construction, the Csn-Construction, the Conseil provincial du Quebec des metiers de la construction (International), the FTQ-Construction and the Syndicat quebecois de la construction shall constitute the majority representative association.

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