Civil Engineering Handbook Third Edition by Dr. Khairul Anuar
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Civil Engineering Handbook Third Edition by Dr. Khairul Anuar


It gives me great pleasure to present to you our Bachelor of Civil Engineering Handbook. This handbook, published inline with the aspiration of the Ministry of Education, the Engineering Accreditation Councils, Board of Engineers Malaysia and Washington Accord International Partners, provides the framework for our major stakeholders, i.e students and industry players of what and how the Programme Outcomes would be achieved by the students upon graduation.

It includes the ‘Programme Specification’, a document which specifies what, where and how the outcomes will be delivered and evaluated during the whole course of programme. Individual course outlines which detail out course expectations from students are also presented.

As UTM-Faculty of Civil Engineering (UTM–FKA) emphasizes on active learning, this ‘cook book recipe’ will help students to comprehend and take charge of their own learning and be able to achieve the outcomes expected from them upon graduation.

Being recognized as the top 150 world ranking Faculty in civil engineering, UTM-FKA continues to move forward and implement progressive and measures based on the ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System. Hence, this guideline would provide transparent documentation to our stakeholders on what UTMFKA is committed to implement and provide avenues for further discussions.

We warmly welcome feedbacks and comments to further improve this handbook. My sincere acknowledgement to the UTM-FKA team that had placed their effort and dedication in preparing this handbook. Lastly, I hope this compilation will be meaningful and useful to all.

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