101 Solved Civil Engineering Problems Fourth Edition by Michael Lindeburg
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101 Solved Civil Engineering Problems Fourth Edition by Michael Lindeburg


The NCEES PE exam for civil engineers uses a 100% multiple-choice (i.e., objective) format. A morning session of "breadth" questions drawn from five areas of civil engineering (environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, and water resources) is followed by an afternoon session of "depth" questions drawn from the "specialty" area of your choice. In this "no-choice" exam, you must answer all 40 questions in each session correctly in order to receive full credit.

This "breadth-and-depth" (B&D) exam continues to be based on a 1991 NCEES task analysis. The significance of this is that the breadth of the knowledge base is unchanged. To date, no new task analysis is in sight, so the subjects covered in this book remain relevant to your review, although the questions on the exam will be presented in a different format.

NCEES has categorized all of the problems in its "Exam Item Bank" into the following five groups: En- vironmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water Resources. I have coined a sixth, unofficial category-Systems, Management, and Professional to discuss questions regarding engineering economic analysis, project management, and scheduling.

The actual percentages of questions from these categories in the morning and afternoon sessions of the exam are subject to change. The current exam design is described on Professional Publications' website, at www.ppi2pass.com Problems from the third edition of this book have been recategorized and reorganized to mirror the NCEES categories. However, the transformation of the third edition into the fourth involved more than just reformatting.

All known errata to previous editions of this book (also posted on www.ppi2pass.com) have been incorporated into the fourth edition. Additionally, I've expanded the explanations for those solutions about which I have received numerous queries. And I've up- dated code-related questions to reflect the latest codes used by NCEES in its exams. (Again, the actual codes used by NCEES are subject to change and are listed on www.ppi2pass.com

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