AutoCAD 2017 For Architectural Design
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AutoCAD 2017 For Architectural Design


Part 1: Creating 2D Architectural Drawings

Tutorial 1: Starting AutoCAD 2017

Tutorial 2: Inserting Hand Sketches

Scaling the Hand Sketches

Saving the Document

Tutorial 3: Creating Layers

Tutorial 4: Creating Grid Lines

Tutorial 5: Creating Walls

Tutorial 6: Creating Doors and Windows

Tutorial 7: Creating Stairs

Tutorial 8: Creating the First Floor Plan

Creating the Sliding Doors

Creating the Balcony

Tutorial 9: Creating Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Creating Bathroom Fixtures

Adding Furniture Blocks

Tutorial 10: Adding Hatch Patterns and Text

Adding Text Labels

Tutorial 11: Creating Elevations

Creating Windows and Doors in the Elevation View

Creating the Opposite Elevation

Creating the Front and Rear Elevations

Hatching the Elevation Views

Tutorial 12: Adding Dimensions

Tutorial 13: Creating Grid Bubbles

Tutorial 14: Layouts and Title Block

Creating the Title Block on the Layout

Creating Viewports in the Paper space

Creating layouts for the other views

Changing the Layer Properties in Viewports

Tutorial 15: Printing

Part 2: Creating 3D Architectural Model

Tutorial 1: Importing 2D Drawings

Tutorial 2: Creating 3D Walls

Tutorial 3: Create the Ceiling

Tutorial 4: Creating Doors on the Ground Floor

Tutorial 5: Creating 3D Windows

Tutorial 6: Creating 3D Stairs

Tutorial 7: Modeling the First Floor

Tutorial 8: Creating the Balcony

Tutorial 9: Creating the Staircase on the first floor

Creating Railing

Tutorial 10: Creating the Roof

Tutorial 11: Creating the Terrain surface

Part 3: Rendering

Tutorial 1: Adding Materials

Tutorial 2: Adding Cameras

Tutorial 3: Adding Lights

Tutorial 4: Rendering

The AutoCAD 2017 for Architectural Design book helps users to learn AutoCAD in a project-based approach. It is written for students and engineers who are interested to learn AutoCAD 2017 for creating two dimensional architectural drawings and three dimensional models. The topics covered in this book are as follows: 

Part 1, “Creating 2D Architectural Drawings”, helps you to create architectural floor plans and elevations. Also, you will learn to add dimensions and annotations, and then print drawings 

Part 2, “Creating 3D Architectural Models”, teaches you to create three dimensional models using the 2D drawings.

Part 3, “Rendering”, teaches you to locate the model on the live map, add materials to the objects, add lights and camera, and then generate photorealistic images.

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