Technical Drawing 101 With AutoCAD 2017
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Technical Drawing 101 With AutoCAD 2017

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Technical Drawing 101 With AutoCAD 2017 A Multidisciplinary Guide to Drafting Theory and Practice with Video Instruction Sixth Edition | PDF Free Download.


Douglas Smith, Antonio Ramirez and Ashlleigh Fuller.


In the Architectural and Engineering Computer-Aided Design program at Austin Community College (ACC), we take our Introduction to Technical Dr class very seriously.

In fact, although we offer forty CAD-related courses, we believe Introduction to Technical Drawing is the most important class.

Our reasoning is simple: Many years of experience tell us that students will decide whether to major in our department based on their success and satisfaction with their first technical drawing course.

So, if we don't do a great job teaching this course, students don't enroll for the other thirty-nine. You may have found this to be true in your department as well.

Each semester, arhen a new crop of students enroll in our Introduction to Technical Drawing classes, our department has a unique opportunity to recruit and retain these students,

And we feel that the best way to accomplish this is to offer them a course that is challenging, interesting, and upportive.

With this philosophy in mind, the authors began in the spring of 2000 to create a curriculum system (text and supporting materials) that would assist both stadents and faculty through the process of successfully learning and teaching the basics of technical drawing,

Including AutoCAD fundamentals, in a one-semester course (about 80 class hours) We have worked to improve this system every semester since.

To date more than 2000 students have successfully completed this curriculum in our CAD labs at Austin Community College.

The best proof we can offer of the efficacy of this system with regard to student retention is that in the 2014/2015 academic year our department had more than 1000 enrollments

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