Principles of Electric Circuits 9th Edition by Floyd
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Principles of Electric Circuits 9th Edition by Floyd

Principles of Electric Circuits 9th Edition by Thomas Floyd by Gary D. Snyder | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Principles of Electric Circuits

The intent of this tutorial is to acquaint the reader with some of the more useful features of the HP-48 calculator as they relate to electronics technology and engineering.

This tutorial assumes that the user is somewhat familiar with the operation of the calculator, but if not the examples should help the user to quickly familiarize himself or herself with how the calculator work.

Unfortunately it is not possible for this short introduction to detail all the functions, features, and nuances of the HP-48.

Considering that the calculator manuals alone are over 800 pages a short work of less than 70 pages can do little more than scratch the surface and hopefully encourage the reader to explore the uncovered features on his or her own. This tutorial actually covers 3 calculators but collectively refers to them as the HP-48.

This is because many features and operations of the HP-48gII and HP-49g+ are virtually identical to the HP-48GX. Consequently the sections that follow generally use “HP-48” to refer to all three calculators.

If something is unique to a particular calculator, the discussion will use the calculator’s full model number to avoid confusion.

Although the operations of all three calculators are very smilar the actual keystrokes will vary somewhat. Consequently each detailed example will show two sets of keystrokes, designated as “HP-48” and “HP-49”.

The “HP-48” keystrokes are for the HP-48GX only, while the keystrokes shown for the ”HP-49” are for both the HP-48gII and HP-49g+.

This may seem confusing at first, but the design of the HP-48gII is much closer to that of the HP-49g+ than it is to the design of the older HP-48GX and the keystrokes for the HP-48gII and HP-49g+ are (at least for this tutorial) identical.

If it helps to simplify things, you can consider the HP-48gII as more of an “HP-49 Lite” than a “HP48GX Plus”.

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