Electric Circuit Problems with Solutions by F. A. Benson
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Electric Circuit Problems with Solutions by F. A. Benson

Electric Circuit Problems with Solutions by F. A. Benson | PDF Free Download.

Electric Circuit Contents

Section One Problems

  • D.C. Circuits. Problems 
  • 2 Single-Phase A.C. Circuits. Problems'
  • Complex Quantities and their use in A.C. Circuits Problems
  • Polyphase Circuits. Problems 
  • Non-sinusoidal Waves. Problems 
  • Transformers and Electric Machines. Problems 

Section Two Solutions 

  • Problems

Preface to Electric Circuit Problems with Solutions First Edition 

Electrical-engineering and electronic-engineering students have frequently to resolve and simplify quite complex circuits in order to understand them or to obtain numerical results and sound knowledge of basic circuit theory is therefore essential.

The author is very much in favor of tutorials and the solving of problems as a method of education. Experience shows that many engineering students encounter difficulties when they first apply their theoretical knowledge to practical problems.

Over a period of about twenty years, the author has collected a large number of problems on electric circuits while giving lectures to students attending the first two post-intermediate years of University engineering courses.

The purpose of this book is to present these problems (a total of 365) together with many solutions (some problems, with answers, given at the end of each Chapter, are left as student exercises) in the hope that they will prove of value to other teachers and students.

Solutions are separated from the problems so that they will not be seen by accident. The answer is given at the end of each problem, however, for convenience.

Parts of the book are based on the author's previous work Electrical Engineering Problems with Solutions which was published in 1954.

Very specialized material in the earlier book, such as electrochemistry, machine windings, and illumination, has been omitted together with elementary problems on units and circuit parameters while other topics have now been introduced or covered much more fully.

It has been necessary to limit the number of examples so some subjects, such as topology and signal-flow graphs, which readers may expect to find included have had to be left out and others have had less space devoted to them than one would have liked.

Valve and transistor circuits have not been dealt with as these are covered in considerable detail in the author's existing book Problems in Electronics with Solutions.

For the same reason coupled circuits, more advanced problems on transients in circuits and Fourier-series representation of non-sinusoidal waveforms have been omitted.

The author cannot possibly claim that all the problems in the collection are original and it is impossible to acknowledge the sources of those which are not.

He is indebted to the late Professor E. W. Marchant, D.Sc., F.e.G.!., Hon. M.I.E.E., who granted permission for a set of problems, originally produced for students at the University of Liverpool, to form the basis of Electrical Engineering Problems with Solutions.

Some of these problems have been used again. The author also wishes to thank his colleagues 0.1. Butler, D.Sc., F.!.E.E., A.M.I.Mech.E., R. Brown, B.Eng., Ph.D., P. J. Spreadbury, M.A., M.Sc. and J. Dobson, B.Eng., Ph.D. for providing questions and solutions on certain topics which they have produced for tutorial classes and the University of Sheffield for permission to use some of the questions set in examination papers.

Although great care has been taken to try to eliminate mistakes some will inevitably have crept in and the author will be glad to have any brought to his notice.

Preface to Electric Circuit Problems with Solutions Second Edition

Many changes have been made in this edition to bring the nomenclature up-to-date and to use S.1. units throughout.

For example, who has been replaced by siemens, cycle per second by hertz, and vector by a phasor. Also, British units have been deleted.

In addition, the circuit diagrams have been re-drawn to conform to the recommendations in B.S.S. 3939. Some further minor modifications and corrections have been made.

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