Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity 8th Edition
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Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity 8th Edition

Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity 8th Edition by John C. Kotz, Paul M. Treichel, and John R. Townsend | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity PDF

The authors of this book have many years of experience teaching general chemistry and other areas of chemistry at the college level.

Although we have been at different institutions, both large and small, during our careers, we share several goals. One is to provide a broad overview of the principles of chemistry, the reactivity of the chemical elements and their compounds, and the applications of chemistry.

To reach that goal with our students, we have tried to show the close relationship between the observations chemists make of chemical and physical changes in the laboratory and in nature and the way these changes are viewed at the atomic and molecular level.

Another of our goals has been to convey a sense that chemistry not only has a lively history but is also dynamic, with important new developments occurring every year.

Furthermore, we want to provide some insight into the chemical aspects of the world around us. Indeed, a major objective of this book is to provide the tools needed for you to function as a chemically literate citizen.

Learning about the chemical world is just as important as understanding some basic mathematics and biology and as important as having an appreciation for history, music, and literature.

For example, you should know what materials are important to our economy, some of the reactions in plants and animals and in our environment, and the role that chemists play in protecting the environment.

In this regard, one growing area of chemistry, highlighted throughout this edition, is “green” or sustainable chemistry.

These goals have been translated into Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity, a book that has been used by more than 1 million students in its first seven editions. The first edition had a copyright date of 1987, and the copyright date for this edition is 2012.

So, this is the 25th anniversary of the book. It is it's silver (Ag) anniversary! Looking back over the previous editions, we can see how the book has changed.

There have been many new and exciting additions to the content of the book. In addition, there have been significant advances in the technology of communicating information, and we have tried to take advantage of those new approaches.

A desire to make the book even better for our students has been the impetus behind the preparation of each new edition.

With this edition, you will see a new approach to problem-solving, new ways to describe contemporary uses of chemistry, new technologies, and improved integration with existing technologies.

Our ongoing challenge as authors and educators is to use multimedia to engage students and to help them reach a higher level of conceptual understanding.

More than 15 years ago we incorporated electronic media into this text with the first edition of our Interactive General Chemistry CD, a learning tool used by thousands of students worldwide.

As technology has advanced, we have made major changes in our integrated media program. Through several editions we redesigned the media so that students can interact with simulations, tutorials, active figures, and end-of-chapter questions, first through the Interactive General Chemistry CD and then with OWL (Online Web Learning).

OWL, which was developed at the University of Massachusetts, has been used by hundreds of thousands of students in the past few years.

More recently, we developed and integrated Go Chemistry tutorial videos into the seventh edition and more fully into this new edition.

These tutorials are 5- to 10-minute mini-lectures on topics such as solving equilibrium problems, features of the periodic table, naming compounds, polar molecules, writing net ionic equations, and identifying intermolecular forces. 

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