Petroleum Refining Volume 5 Refinery Operation and Management
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Petroleum Refining Volume 5 Refinery Operation and Management


This book is the outcome of collective work to which a large number of people have contributed. I therefore wish, first of all, to express my very sincere thanks to all those who have directly participated in the writing of this work, starting with the team of people who embarked on this adventure several years ago: Charles Pomp&, author of the last two chapters dealing with organisation and management and who helped me with the overall proof-reading; Marc Valleur, who wrote Chapters 7 and 8 on automation and control; Jean-Paul Coiffard, author of the major part of Chapter 6 which deals with the application of linear programming; Christian LesnC, author of Chapter 10 and co-author with JeanMichel Robin, Christian Trescazes and Jean-Paul Coiffard, of Chapter 9 on the management of material balances. My thanks are also due to Denis Babusiaux, responsible for the subject of integer linear programming; Xavier Burucoa who wrote the chapter on oil markets and prices; and Benoit Mourez, author of the chapter on petroleum products demand.

I take direct responsibility for Chapters 1 (the general oil scene), and 5 (dealing with the basics of linear programming) but these chapters owe much to current and former colleagues in the Centre for Economics and Management. I was also co-author, with Alain Pigeyre who was responsible for the part concerning investments, of Chapter 4, dealing with costs and margins. Finally, I wish to thank those who agreed to reread all or part of this work, particularly Robert Duchesne and Jean-Pierre Mathery of Elf. Comments made by my colleagues FrCderic Lantz, Colin Baudouin and Valerie Saint Antonin were also helpful to me. My gratitude goes to all those, colleagues teaching at IFP School or ENSPM Formation Industrie and colleagues in industry, whose writings, thoughts and comments have helped us in the achievement of this work. I do not forget the invaluable help of Claudie DorothCe in typing this book and for the secretarial assistance required for its production; of Sebastien Barreau for his research into numerous data and of Florence Gerard for the preparation of some of the tables and figures.

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