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MCQs in Pharmacology by G. Vidya Sagar
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MCQs in Pharmacology by G. Vidya Sagar


Medical & Pharmacy are fast growing professions with a wide range of opportunities open to the students after a basic degree. These professions play a vital role in health care management. This book will be of immense value for students to develop themselves as the meritorious & motivated candidates for admission to post graduate courses like M.D., M.S. & M.Pharm.

I compliment the author for his pains-taking efforts in mobilizing a very large number of good MCQs from a vast subject like Pharmacology. Adequate coverage of all topics is done. I feel that this book will be a very useful companion for professional PG entrance examinations. I strongly recommend this book to college library collection

Pharmacy graduates aspiring for higher education & medicos planning to take post graduation ought to appear in PG entrance examination. These entrance examinations are usually patterned in objective type Pharmacology forms an integral part of curriculum of medical & paramedical courses.

It is an important subject & deals with the biological response elicited by a drug in the human body. Quite a large number of MCQs appear in competitive examinations in this subject. 

Hence, there is a need for providing a wel structured course material & upto date information on the subject. The quick solution guides presently available in the market for PG Medical & Paramedical entrance examinations doesn't cover the subject in an integrated way.

Hence, I brought out a separate objective question bank in Pharmacology after undertaking an extensive study of the pattern of PG examinations.

This book provides the reader complete iformation so that students have clariy of thought & ready hand information to face the competitive examination with improved confidence. This book will serve the above said purpose.

Entrance examinations Acquiring knowledge becomes simpler if all the required information is made available at one place in a plattu I sincerely hope that this publication would be of much help in meeting the aspirations of those who plan to take POG. I look forward for suggestions & constructive criticism.

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