Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 84th Edition by David R. Lide
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Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 84th Edition by David R. Lide


The 84th Edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics features a completely new version of the most heavily used table, Physical Constants of Organic Compounds. This is the first revision of the table since 1994. Compounds have been selected for inclusion in the new table by a careful screening of lists of organic compounds that are important in laboratory research, industrial chemistry, environmental protection, drug development, teaching, and other active areas.

In this way priorities were established for choosing the most significant compounds out of the millions of organic substances that have been reported in the literature. Property data for the selected compounds have been updated, and new structure diagrams, which show much more detail than the previous structures, have been drawn for all the compounds. This Internet version of the 84th Edition has added 17 new subsections that can be accessed as interactive tables. These include tables on Heat of Combustion, Activity Coefficients, Refrigerants, Amino Acids, Chemical Carcinogens, Laboratory Solvents, and other topics.

The search screens have been modified to make them more user friendly, and there is now a subject index that permits boolean searching on the name of a physical property and the identifiers of a chemical substance (name, formula, or CAS Registry Number). An option has been added to the table displays that permits locking the left-most column, which usually contains the chemical name, when scanning a wide table. Tool-tips that explain the data in a column now appear when the cursor is held over that column heading, and it is now possible to export the results of a search directly into an Excel file.

Other new features of the 84th Edition include: 

• An update and expansion of the table of Critical Constants of Fluids, with many new compounds and recently published data. 

• A new version of Properties of Refrigerants, which covers fluids now used in refrigeration systems and those being considered as substitutes. 

• A new table on Fermi Energy and Related Properties of Metals. 

• New tables of practical laboratory data such as Flame and Bead tests, Flame Temperatures, and Density of Ethanol-Water Mixtures. 

• An update of lists of Chemical Carcinogens and Interstellar Molecules.

The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is dependent on the efforts of many contributors throughout the world. The list of current contributors follows this Preface. The new table of Physical Constants of Organic Compounds could not have been completed without the help of Dr. Fiona Macdonald, who oversaw the structure drawing and checked names and formulas. Thanks are also due to Janice Shackleton, Trupti Desai, Nazila Kamaly, Matt Griffiths, and Lawrence Braschi, who participated in drawing the structures.

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