Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE
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Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE

Download PDF of Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE 2nd Edition for free.

The Authors of Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE PDF Book

RoseMarie Gallagher and Paul Ingram are the editors of Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE eBook.

Main Contents of Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE PDF Book

- States of matter.

- Separating substances.

- Atoms and elements.

- Atoms combining.

- Reacting masses, and chemical equations.

- Using moles.

- Redox reactions.

- Electricity and chemical change.

- Energy changes, and reversible reactions.

- The speed of a reaction.

- Acids and bases.

- The Periodic Table.

- The behaviour of metals.

- Making use of metals.

- Air and water.

- Some non-metals and their compounds.

- Organic chemistry.

- Polymers.

- In the lab.

- Your Cambridge IGCSE chemistry exam.

Introduction to Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE PDF Book

If you are taking IGCSE chemistry, using the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus 0620, then this book is for you. It covers the syllabus fully, and has been endorsed by the exam board.

Finding your way around the book

The contents list on the next page shows how the book is organised. Take a look. Note the extra material at the back of the book too: for example the questions from past exam papers, and the glossary.

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Finding your way around the chapters

Each chapter is divided into two-page units. Some colour coding is used within the units, to help you use them properly.

Look at these notes:

Core curriculum If you are following the Core curriculum, you can ignore any material with a red line beside it.

Extended curriculum For this, you need all the material on the white pages, including the material marked with a red line.

Extra material Pages of this colour contain extra material for some topics. We hope that you will find it interesting – but it is not needed for the exam.

Chapter checkups There is a revision checklist at the end of each chapter, and also a set of exam-level questions about the chapter, on a coloured background.

Making the most of the book and CD

We want you to understand chemistry, and do well in your exams. This book, and the CD, can help you. So make the most of them!

Work through the units The two-page units will help you build up your knowledge and understanding of the chemistry on your syllabus.

Use the glossary If you come across a chemical term that you do not understand, try the glossary. You can also use the glossary to test yourself.

Answer the questions It is a great way to get to grips with a topic. This book has lots of questions: at the end of each unit and each chapter, and questions from past exam papers at the end of the book.

Answers to the numerical questions are given at the back of the book. Your teacher can provide the answers for all the others.

Use the CD The CD has an interactive test for each chapter, advice on revision, sample exam papers, and more.

And finally, enjoy! Chemistry is an important and exciting subject. We hope this book will help you to enjoy it, and succeed in your course.

Download Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE Second Edition by RoseMarie Gallagher and Paul Ingram in PDF format for free.