Chemical Engineering Solutions to the Problems by J. R. Backhurst
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Chemical Engineering Solutions to the Problems by J. R. Backhurst


Each of the volumes of the Chemical Engineering Series includes numerical examples to illustrate the application of the theory presented in the text. In addition, at the end of each volume, there is a selection of problems which the reader is invited to solve in order to consolidate his (or her) understanding of the principles and to gain a better appreciation of the order of magnitude of the quantities involved. Many readers who do not have ready access to assistance have expressed the desire for solutions manuals to be available.

This book, which is a successor to the old Volume 5, is an attempt to satisfy this demand as far as the problems in Volumes 2 and 3 are concerned. It should be appreciated that most engineering problems do not have unique solutions, and they can also often be solved using a variety of different approaches. If therefore the reader arrives at a different answer from that in the book, it does not necessarily mean that it is wrong. This edition of the Solutions Manual which relates to the fifth edition of Volume 2 and to the third edition of Volume 3 incorporates many new problems.

There may therefore be some mismatch with earlier editions and, as the volumes are being continually revised, they can easily get out-of-step with each other. None of the authors claims to be infallible, and it is inevitable that errors will occur from time to time. These will become apparent to readers who use the book. We have been very grateful in the past to those who have pointed out mistakes which have then been corrected in later editions. It is hoped that the present generation of readers will prove to be equally helpful!

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