Building Services Handbook Fifth edition by Fred Hall and Roger Greeno
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Building Services Handbook Fifth edition by Fred Hall and Roger Greeno


The format of this new edition retains the easily accessible presentation of previous editions. This comprises illustrations and support notes with numerical examples. References for further reading are provided where appropriate. The extensive range of materials, components, trade practices and professions encompassed by the building services industry requires a library of texts and reference data to contain the breadth and depth of study therein.

Supplementary pages occur throughout most Parts , particularly with regard to emerging regulations and practices that affect fuel and water conservation and measures for environmental control. A new introductory Part is provided as a general overview of the industry. This also contains some aspects of legislative controls and quality standards that influence professional and industrial procedures.

I would like to dedicate this 5th edition to my former colleague and friend Fred Hall, who sadly passed away in 2008. After spending many years in the building services industry, Fred subsequently established a career in Further and Higher Education. His diverse skills and broad knowledge enabled him to teach the crafts as well as technician and professional examination students. He also found time to produce numerous illustrative textbooks, not least the fore-runner to this book, Essential Building Services and Equipment .

He contributed much to the education of many, especially to my career both as my tutor and later as professional associate. The building services industry is based on engineering principles that are applied to the construction of buildings and the built environment. In many respects, building services are responsible for the artificial environment in which we live and work, and associated with that the environmental condition of our planet.

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