Building a Framework for Assurance Accountability and Action Third Edition
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Building a Framework for Assurance Accountability and Action Third Edition


We are grateful to Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Nunn for his unparalleled leadership on securing nuclear materials globally and to NTI President Joan Rohlfing for her strategic vision on this global assessment. We are also grateful for our successful partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)—in particular Leo Abruzzese, EIU Director of Global Forecasting; Hilary Steiner, EIU Principal, Custom Research, Americas; and Katherine Stewart, EIU Research Assistant—and its network of analysts. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to our international panel, which includes some of the most highly respected experts from around the world.

They have been extremely generous with their time and intellectual contributions, and we have done our best to ensure that this report reflects their collective wisdom. We also appreciate the many officials and experts from around the world who participated in briefings and provided critical insights that have resulted in important improvements to the third edition of the NTI Index. They included government officials who took the time to review and comment on the data gathered by the EIU. In addition, NTI’s consultations with representatives from the nuclear industry were invaluable in constructing the new sabotage ranking.

Additionally, we would like to thank the NTI Board of Directors for its support, and we give special thanks to NTI’s generous funders, including underwriting for the NTI Index from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York—as well as ongoing support from Warren Buffett and NTI Co-Chairman Ted Turner. Finally, we are indebted to all of our colleagues at NTI who have provided invaluable contributions to this project in big ways and small. In particular, we thank Mimi Hall, Carmen MacDougall, and Deborah Rosenblum. We also thank NTI’s Michelle Nalabandian, Catherine Crary, Carter Bates, Elise Rowan, and Alexandra Van Dine (Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow) for their support.

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