Bootstrap 3 3 A Guide Book for Beginners to Learn Web Framework fast By Kevin Lyn
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Bootstrap 3 3 A Guide Book for Beginners to Learn Web Framework fast By Kevin Lyn

This book is all about bootstrap. After reading it, you will know how to use bootstrap for development. You will also know the constituent components of bootstrap. The two types of bootstrap, that is, the compiled and the source code files are explored in detail with emphasis on the difference between the two types. Here you will learn how to predict the appearance of a web page on different devices and screens depending on the kind of layout you have used. Tables, which are a common feature in web development have been discussed.

Adding hover, borders, adding background features and as well as differentiating the rows of a table have been discussed. The files which are usually found in the bootstrap folder are also explained in terms of what they do. You will also be guided on how to include these bootstrap files in your project and even in the header of your code. The different types of layouts which are available in bootstrap are explored in detail and their effect on devices with different screen sizes.

You will also know how to make responsive tables with bootstrap so that they can appear well on different devices regardless of the screen size. Lists are also explored in this book. The different types of buttons are also explored, and as well as images and forms in bootstrap. With bootstrap, you can create web pages that will scroll well on any device. Something like a table, which might seem difficult to fit on a cell phone can be made to do this using bootstrap. This explains how powerful bootstrap is.

This can also be done without too much coding and in a short period of time. You might have heard of responsive web design. If not, don’t worry for you’ll understand what it is after reading this book. You might have realized that some websites are not accessible via cell phones and tablets, but one can only access them via computers. Web pages also do not appear the same on devices with different sizes in terms of the layout and how they scroll. You know about validation.

Instead of using Jquery, with which much coding will be needed, bootstrap can be used for this purpose using less than 5 words. It has numerous controls which are available in HTML such as buttons and text fields. With bootstrap, these can be made beautiful. Image and text sliders can also be made using bootstrap with much less effort in terms of coding. Ever heard of responsive web design? Bootstrap is a collection of tools which helps developers in creating responsive websites.

Most of today’s websites are not responsive, meaning that you can only access them via computers. Devices with small screen such as mobile phones and tablets cannot access these websites. This is why Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto developed bootstrap. With this tool, developers create websites with amazing features and these can be accessed via devices of any screen size. Responsiveness is one of the emerging issues in web development, and this is the reason why you should consider learning bootstrap.

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