First aid for your car by Carl Collins
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First aid for your car by Carl Collins

First aid for your car Your expert guide to common problems & how to fix them by Carl Collins | PDF Free Download.

First aid for your car Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About the author & important information
  3. one Starting problems
  4. two Warning lights & gauges
  5. three Noises
  6. four Smells
  7. five Leaking liquids
  8. six Exhaust problems
  9. seven Windscreen
  10. eight Engine
  11. nine Lights & indicators
  12. ten Brakes
  13. eleven Gearbox & clutch
  14. twelve Steering
  15. thirteen 4x4 problems
  16. fourteen Suspension, wheels & tires
  17. fifteen Engine coolant
  18. sixteen Fuel
  19. seventeen Winter
  20. Further reading

Preface to First aid for your car

What do you do if your car has a water leak or if you discover oil on the ground beneath it? What if a warning light comes on? What could be the cause? Can I drive it?

Do I need a breakdown service or a mechanic? How can I get it to a garage safely? Our cars are essential to us, and it’s hard to imagine being without them.

If you drive one, then this is the book for you – even if you have minimal mechanical knowledge. You can avoid serious repair bills by learning exactly what to do when something goes wrong; doing the wrong thing could cost you a lot of money and be a real inconvenience.

You can find out whether the car is safe to drive, and what action you need to take to complete a crucial journey or get your car to a garage.

Covering the most common problems that occur on modern vehicles, such as brake faults, oil and water leaks, starting issues, unusual noises/smells, and dashboard warning lights, this book is one of the most valuable items you can have in your car.

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