Narva Automotive Lighting and Electrical
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Narva Automotive Lighting and Electrical

Narva Automotive Lighting and Electrical | PDF Free Download.

Automotive Lighting and Electrical Contents

  • Driving and Fog Lamps
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Globes Incandescent And Halogen
  • Trailer Connectors and SUZI Coils
  • Conventional Truck and Trailer Lighting
  • RV and Interior Lighting
  • Fuses and Fuse Accessories
  • Terminals Connectors and Cables
  • Switches Flashers, Relays, and Horns
  • Sealed Truck and Trailer Lighting
  • L.E.D Truck & Trailer Lighting
  • Merchandisers

Preface to Automotive Lighting and Electrical PDF

Riving And Fog Lamps

Intense white light is projected from the energy-efficient Compac 70 L.E.D auxiliary lamps or the 90mm L.E.D Headlamp assemblies.

There’s a full program of Free Form headlamp inserts in the established round and rectangular sizes. Free Form maximizes and controls the available light with a modern headlamp appearance.

Emergency Lighting

The biggest new product expansion is in the Emergency section with many new L.E.D work lamp additions including “Senator II.” The world’s most popular lamp style is now available in high powered L.E.D, with an integrated handle, waterproof switch, and spring-loaded pedestal bracket.

The toughest Heavy Duty Inspection lamp we can build is still in production at the time of printing this catalog but will be worth the wait with a smooth even light output utilizing SMD L.E.D’s. “Legion” L.E.D Light Bars are low profile and stylish, yet produce an amazing light output with selectable flash patterns.


The pages are easier to navigate allowing the user to find the globe figure required, then view all globe variants available on the same page including the new Premium Long Life incandescent options.

New “Plus 120” Performance Globes maximize the light volume and the “Intense” blue globes provide maximum legal Blue and Plus 30 output.

Switches And Power Accessories

There are 8 pages featuring an extensive range of sealed rocker switches including switch panels for RV, 4WD, and Transport applications.

Look for the HDRV logo and a new range of power accessories manufactured specifically for the Heavy Duty RV marketplace with higher current draw capabilities and DC power options

Rv & Interior Lighting

This section has dramatically expanded with L.E.D options in the ultra slimline Saturn Interior lamps, interconnecting strip lights, and L.E.D tape. There’s something for all RV and Transport applications and most of it is L.E.D.

L.E.D Truck And Trailer Lighting

Product development in the truck and trailer lighting never stops. Select from the new slimline box trailer lamps of Model 34 and 36, or consider the vast options available in the Model 43 family of lamps.

Select from economical tail lamp assemblies for caravans, through to high-end presentations with neon-like tail HIGHLIGHTS rings and chrome modules.

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