Auto Paint From Prep to Final Coat
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Auto Paint From Prep to Final Coat

Auto Paint From Prep to Final Coat by JoAnn Bortles | PDF Free Download.

Auto Paint From Prep Contents

  • CHAPTER 1 Paint and Materials 
  • CHAPTER 2 Understanding the Tools and Equipment 
  • CHAPTER 3 Restoring a Hot Rod: Prep, Bodywork, and Priming 
  • CHAPTER 4 How to Select and Prepare New Body Parts 
  • CHAPTER 5 Paint That Trunk! 
  • CHAPTER 6 Small Repairs: Fixing Dents and Chips 
  • CHAPTER 7 Plastic and Fiberglass: Prepping, Repairing, and Painting
  • CHAPTER 8 Color Matching 
  • CHAPTER 9 Understanding and Finding the Most Effective Color and Design 
  • CHAPTER 10 Solvent-Based Painting 
  • CHAPTER 11 The Truth About Waterborne Painting
  • CHAPTER 12 Painting Candy and Pearl Tri-Coat Colors 
  • CHAPTER 13 Flaking Out with Flake Paint
  • CHAPTER 14 Creating Custom Colors 
  • CHAPTER 15 Troubleshooting Paint Problems 
  • CHAPTER 16 Airbrushes and Other Forms of Torture 
  • CHAPTER 17 Painting Traditional Flames 
  • CHAPTER 18 Creating and Understanding Ghost Flames
  • CHAPTER 19 Painting Real Fire Flames 
  • CHAPTER 20 Fun with Flag Graphics
  • CHAPTER 21 Graphics, Logos, and Anything Besides Flames 
  • CHAPTER 22 Faux Finishes: Stone Effect, Wood Grain, and More 
  • CHAPTER 23 Checkered Flag Ghost Graphics: Techniques and Tricks for Ghosts 
  • CHAPTER 24 Going Retro with Graphics ...
  • CHAPTER 25 Lettering 
  • CHAPTER 26 Understanding, Applying, and Buffing Clearcoats
  • CHAPTER 27 Troubleshooting Airbrush and Artwork Problems

Introduction to Auto Paint From Prep to Final Coat PDF

Ask a handful of professionals who spend their time in an auto body and paint shop what makes a good painter, and the answer is sure to vary each time.

Talent? Knowledge? Having a top-of-the-line shop to work in? The latest tools and equipment? A combination of all the above?

Those are all good answers, but there is one thing missing: call it common sense or ingenuity, but it’s why sometimes a painter working in a dirty old shop, using outdated and handmade tools, will do a better job than a painter in a state-of-the-art body shop;

why a painter with many years of experience and no schooling will outperform a painter fresh from a technical school armed with all the latest technology.

They are either born with a great deal of common sense, or they learn it the hard way. Here’s an example of common sense in painting. Imagine you’re rushing through your workday.

Your mind is clicking away, multitasking, figuring out how much paint you’ll need to mix up, what’s the paint formula, do you have all the ingredients for the formula or formulas, did you remember to order the catalyst for the clearcoat,

is the booth the right temperature, and where are you going to go for lunch? You open the cabinet and grab the gallon of black basecoat you’re mixing. Except it’s not the one you’re mixing, because two containers look similar, and as you’re pouring, you realize the paint going into the mix is clear.

Oops! This is an easy mistake to make, and one made worse when you realize that most of the ingredients for the paint are Remember to research. Things do not go as planned for many jobs.

The painter has to think his way through the job. You have to think out of the box. You didn’t order the paint you needed or the plastic filler isn’t sticking to the soda-blasted metal surface.

In the old days, you’d be on the phone, frantically calling your body shop buddies. Now, while this is still a good idea, we also have the Internet.

The Internet is an amazing resource for I-need-to-know-this-immediately-or-I-will already in the mixing cup and you’ve added the wrong ingredient.

Time to pour all that expensive paint into the used paint barrel. In other cases, sometimes the paint has been sprayed and it doesn’t look right.

Any number of things can go wrong with a momentary lapse in concentration. Sometimes common sense involves the tools or equipment you need but doesn’t have.

Look around the shop of an old painter and you’ll find many handmade tools Allen wrenches that are cut down, and other various tools that are cut and welded together to fit into tight spaces.

It would be wonderful to buy every nifty tool you’d ever need, but then you wouldn’t have money to buy that lunch we were talking about.

When you look at a roadblock, think your way through it. Maybe the tool won’t reach, the stud is stripped, or like in this next picture, your back will be broken by the time you’re done with the job.

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