Alternative Propulsion for Automobiles by Cornel Stan
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Alternative Propulsion for Automobiles by Cornel Stan

Alternative Propulsion for Automobiles by Cornel Stan | PDF Free Download.

Alternative Propulsion for Automobiles Contents 

  • Mobility: Conditions, Requirements, and Scenarios
  • Thermal Engines
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Electric Propulsion Systems
  • Combinations of Propulsion Systems, Energy Sources, Energy Converters, and Storage
  • Energy Management in the Automobile as a Complex System 

Preface to Alternative Propulsion for Automobiles PDF

The fourth edition of this book was recently published in German. The preface of the first edition 10 years ago asserted that, as an all-purpose automobile, an all-purpose propulsion system was impossible.

A modular distribution of functions within the propulsion system was considered the most viable concept for the next generation of vehicles.

In the second edition, explicit tendencies in this direction were highlighted: full hybrids for urban areas, diesel engines for rural areas and motorways, and micro- and mild hybrids for a variety of purposes were introduced into production or developed as concept cars.

The third edition was published at a time when a book about alternative propulsion systems for automobiles was in danger of extinction: the electric car had appeared like a knight in shining armor, the savior of general mobility.

In May 2010, the National Platform of Electrical Mobility was founded in Germany with the aim of establishing 1 million electric cars in the German traffic system by 2020.

Nevertheless, the third edition of the book collected presented and analyzed numerous propulsion systems with a variety of modular configurations.

In the preface of the fourth edition, we note that in 2015—halfway to the deadline of establishing 1 million electric cars in Germany—only 19,000 are in place, whereas we have 44.4 million cars with gasoline and diesel engines.

With all due respect to, and appreciation for, the goal of electric mobility, and for the very complex, intensive and extensive activities in this domain, the continuing variety of automobiles and propulsion systems appears completely necessary: the wide range of geographic economic, or ecological conditions worldwide allows no other option.

Therefore, in this fourth edition, we present scores of new concepts, prototypes, and series systems—beginning, of course, with electric cars, from light vehicles with compact batteries through to 2-ton luxury cars in which the battery is responsible for half this weight.

However, we also present plug-ins as 2-in-1 solutions: electric propulsion in cities, and electrically assisted internal combustion engines for rural areas and motorways.

However, the main scope of this book continues to be the evaluation and analysis of conception and optimization of alternative propulsion systems for automobiles, such as combinations of on-board propulsion modules, energy sources, energy storage, and energy conversion devices that can be adapted according to the functions required.

The evaluation and analysis criteria include a specific power, torque, and acceleration behavior; specific energy consumption; and emission of chemical substances and continues through to available energy, ecological impact, on-board storage, technically complex systems, costs, safety, and infrastructure.

The combination of theoretical background, analysis of potential and limitations, and numerous concrete examples offer not only engineers but also automotive engineering students a basis for critical reflection and, possibly, the development of new concepts.

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