Variable Speed AC Drives with Inverter Output Filters by Jaroslaw Guzinski
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Variable Speed AC Drives with Inverter Output Filters by Jaroslaw Guzinski

The converter‐fed electric drive technologies have grown fast and matured notably over the last few years through the advancement of technology. Therefore, it is my great pleasure that this book, Variable Speed AC Drives with Inverter Output Filters, will perfectly fill the gap in the market related to design and modern nonlinear control of the drives fed from the inverters equipped with output filters. Such filters are installed mainly for reducing high dv/dt of inverter pulsed voltage and achieving sinusoidal voltage and currents waveforms (sinusoidal filter) on motor terminals.

As a result, noises and vibrations are reduced and the motor efficiency is increased. These advantages, however, are offset by the complication of drive control because with inverter output filter there is a higher order control plant. The book is structured into ten chapters and five appendices. The first chapter is an introduction, and general problems of AC motors supplied from voltage source inverter (VSI) are discussed in Chapter  2. The idealized complex space‐vector models based on T and Γ equivalent circuits and its presentation in state space equations form for the AC induction machine are derived in Chapter 3.

Also, in this chapter, definitions of per‐unit system used in the book are given. The detailed overview, modeling, and design of family of filters used in inverter‐fed drives: sinusoidal filter, common mode filter, and dV/dt filter are presented in Chapter 4. Next, in Chapter 5, several types of state observers of induction machine drive with output filter are presented in detail. These observers are necessary for in‐depth studies of different sensorless high‐performance control schemes presented in Chapter 6, which include:

field oriented control (FOC), nonlinear field oriented control (NFOC), multiscalar control (MC), direct load angle control (LAC), direct torque control with space vector pulse width modulation (DTC‐SVM). Chapter 7, in turn, is devoted to current control and basically considers the model predictive stator current control (MPC) of the induction motor drive with inductive output filter implemented and investigated by authors. A difficult, but important issue of fault diagnosis in the induction motor drives (broken rotor bars, rotor misalignment, and eccentricity) are studied in Chapter 8, which presents methods based on frequency analysis and artificial intelligence (NN) and adaptive neuro‐fuzzy inference system (ANFIS).

In Chapter 9, the results of analyzing, controlling, and investigating the classical three‐phase drives with inverter output filter are generalized for five‐phase inductive machines, which are characterized by several important advantages such as higher torque density, high fault tolerance, lower torque pulsation and noise, lower current losses, and reduction of the rated current of power converter devices. Chapter 10 gives a short summary and final conclusions that underline the main topics and achievements of the book. Some special aspects are presented in appendices (A to F): synchronous sampling of inverter current (A), examples of LC filter design (B), transformations of equations (C), motor data used in the book (D), adaptive back stepping observer (E), and significant variables and functions used in simulation files (F).

This book has strong monograph attributes and discusses several aspects of the authors’ current research in an innovative and original way. Rigorous mathematical description, good illustrations, and a series of well‐illustrated MATLAB®‐Simulink models (S Functions written in C language included). Simulation results in every chapter are strong advantages which makes the book attractive for a wide spectrum of researches, engineering professionals, and undergraduate/graduate students of electrical engineering and mechatronics faculties. Finally, I would like to congratulate the authors of the book because it clearly contributes to better understanding and further applications of converter‐fed drive systems.

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