High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab Simulink Models by Haitham Abu Rub
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High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab Simulink Models by Haitham Abu Rub

The book describes the concept of advanced control strategies of AC machine drives along with their complete simulation models using MATLAB/Simulink.

Electrical Motors consume the most energy of the electricity generated worldwide. Thus, there exists a huge scope of saving energy by devising efficient operation schemes of these electrical machines.

One approach could be the special design of motors with high-energy efficiency. Other approach lies in the proper control of the machines.

The electrical motors employed in various applications run at fixed speed. However, it is found that by varying the speed of motors depending upon the load requirements, the efficiency can be improved significantly; thus, the variable speed operation is extremely important in obtaining highly efficient operations of the machines.

As a result, the speed control of a machine for industrial and household applications is most vital for limiting greenhouse gas emission and offering an environment-friendly solution.

Controlling the operation of an electrical machine by varying its speed, in literature, is called ‘variable speed drives’ or ‘adjustable speed drives’.

This book discusses the advanced technology used to obtain variable speed AC drives. This book also describes the basic modeling procedures of power electronic converters and AC machines.

The mathematical model thus obtained will be used to develop a simulation model using MATLAB/Simulink. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques for voltage source inverters and their simulation models are described in one chapter.

The AC machines that are taken up for discussion are the most popular squirrel cage induction machine, permanent magnet synchronous machine, and the double-fed induction machine.

The book illustrates the advance control techniques of electric drives such as ‘field-oriented control’, ‘direct torque control’, ‘feedback linearization control’, ‘sensorless operation’, and advances in ‘multi-phase (more than three-phase) drives’. A separate chapter is dedicated to a five-phase motor drive system.

The effect of using an output LC filter at the inverter side on the motor drive control is elaborated on in another chapter.

These control techniques are in general called ‘high-performance drives’ as they offer extremely fast and precise dynamic and steady-state response of electric machines.

Thus, this book describes the most important and industrially accepted advanced control technology of AC machines. The book encompasses these diverse topics in a single volume. This book features exhaustive simulation models based on MATLAB/Simulink.

MATLAB/ Simulink is an integral part of taught courses at undergraduate and postgraduate programs and is also extensively used in industries.

Thus, the simulation models will provide a handy tool to students, practicing engineers, and researchers to verify the algorithms, techniques, and models. Once familiar with the models presented in the book, students and practicing engineers can develop and verify their own algorithms and techniques.

The book is useful for students studying electric drives/motor control at UG/PG levels. The prerequisite will be the basic courses of electric machines, power electronics, and controls.

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